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 🔥Introducing: CS:DIN🔥
An blender addon that helps you import any CSGO weapon - including knives and rigged gloves with just a few clicks.

Instead of using the asset browser you can simply use the addon to import your models. This addon includes:
-All guns
-All knives
-The important gloves(rigged)
-Stickers from Paper to Holo

If the addon does not work for you, you need to download the "blenderkit addon".

Delete my addon from blender and install Blenderkit - then install my addon again.

.blend files to help you understand things better.


agents and all gloves all in one .blend file


Stickers and StatTrak all in one .blend file


Some assests like Namtetag and nades all in one .blend file

Very useful blender tutorials, check them out.